Contributor refund

On sunday 06/21/2017, we had our third cancelled lease mistake where a user inserted its lease cancel amount in the fee section (using a script or a full node command). The timing was really bad as it happened right between the check and the distribution script. As full node owners and Waves community supporters, it's our responsibility to try to correct that kind of mistake and we now ask our leasers to refund the erroneous amount to the fountainperpetua's address: 3PFrn8EHRhjJGEQxYwWKdJcwcsW1XFRJbmz

We've setup this page for you to know what amount you should refund in comparison to your real earnings.
Your refund transaction fee will be kept and sent back to you on the next payout. We already thank you for your community support, we are sorry for the inconvenience and we'll do everything we can to educate users to prevent future issues.


Actual payout schedule: Every Wednesday and Sunday at approximately 8PM GMT