Our Third Erroneous Canceled Lease Yesterday


We’ve known our third erroneous canceled lease yesterday, people sometimes have to encode a lease cancel transaction manually with a script or an RPC command to a full node. It’s not an intuitive task and it can sometimes lead to mistakes, the most common one is setting the number of Waves you want to cancel in the fee section, users don’t have to specify any amount when canceling a lease: If you leased a certain amount of Waves in a transaction, canceling the lease cancels the whole thing, every time. If you want to cancel it partly, you must cancel it completely and create a new lease with the remaining amount.
This third error is very problematic as it happened with the worst timing ever: Between the amount check and the distribution script run. That means our leasers received a bigger amount on this distribution due to that surplus in fees (6000 Waves). We are now trying to fix this issue the best we can and we kindly ask our community to refund the erroneous amount. We’ve set up a refund page that calculates the amount you should refund while still keeping your payout. You don’t have to worry about the transaction fees needed to refund as we will remove them from the total amount received and add it to your next payout. We’re sorry for the inconvenience and we’ll make everything we can to prevent these issues (mostly by educating people). We also invite the user who made the mistake to come to the #fountain-perpetua channel of the Waves slack, it will certainly help if we know how it happened and which member of our community is the victim.

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