Fountain Perpetua Has Known A Successful Launch


Fountain Perpetua has known a successful launch, with more than 6 million Waves in leasing and very good availability in spite of the actual Waves platform temporary issues. Our third spot as a Leasing Full node is a great achievement. The first payout has been made yesterday to our leasers: Waves as well as Mercury, Ripto Bux, and Miner Rewards Tokens have been distributed to all of them without any fee, according to their leases.

I’m currently working on a blockchain-powered poll feature as part of Oceanlab’s projects. As soon as it’s available we’ll use it here to vote for the distribution schedule.

You can access the real-time earnings per wallet and the FAQ in the top menu.

Remark: Realtime earnings don’t take yet into account the previous payments that have been made, the actual number is the earnings from the beginning. This will be fixed quickly.
The Gravit engine is also being improved to provide all the depending projects with accurate and real-time information.

I want to thank everyone including Wolfofwaves and all the people who are supporting us, our leaders, and my designer who is currently working on a brand new design for the logo and the website. This couldn’t have been done without you. Thank you!

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