Fountainperpetua Was At The Waves Release Event In Amsterdam


Fountainperpetua was at the Waves release event in Amsterdam! As the founder of Oceanlab, I went to speak about the projects I was working on, including Fountainperpetua which is an important asset for all the services we’ll propose in the future, and a few partnerships which will provide exclusive bonuses to our leasers.
Brand new distribution script Optimal reliability and accuracy to distribute 100% of the generated fees to our leasers. The new distribution script has been tested these 2 last weeks (while correcting the mistakes made the weeks before).
New payout schedule Payout will now occur every Sunday: MRT distribution (until a distribution is over), Fidelity rewards distribution, and generated assets distribution.
Currently supported assets Waves (of course), $OCL Oceanlab (replaced Gravit Fuel), Incent, Mercury, Ripto Bux.
Redefining community-minded We’re working on several solutions, Waves project starting support, tools, and guides for future node owners and utility token creators, new useful features will come to the fountainperpetua website from time to time. We’re also working on a “kickstart” airdrop tool allowing any token creator to do a totally free airdrop to Waves platform users. This will prevent network problems due to bad airdrop practices, a good way for people to know about new projects and for their creators, an opportunity to start with a huge userbase. Of course, our leaders who are those making possible the registration of these transactions will benefit from these airdrops(we’re currently looking into the possibilities). This airdrop service won’t be used for scam or junk token mass distribution as we’ll ensure proper quality control: The token should be linked to an active or planned project, information about its use should be easily found on the Internet (website, forums, social network …) + several other guidelines acting as a filter against network and Waves users abuse.

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