Introducing New Smart And Fair Distribution Script


Introducing a new smart and fair distribution script: Our distribution script has evolved a lot since the beginning but it wasn’t convenient enough to use and could lead to distribution errors/unconfirmed transactions. We’ve been working hard to improve it and we’re now able to release and use the new smart distribution script benefiting from extended data from the Gravit engine which is also fair, respectful of the Waves network and its capabilities. This new distribution engine is also able to adapt itself to new fee assets that may be used in the future. This script will allow a fully automated payout (twice a week) to our leasers.
Introducing fidelity rewards: Fountainperpetua is now part of Oceanlab’s set of services and as it’s an important asset to our ecosystem, we’d like to reward all the people who are supporting our block generation power. In October, we’ll start our fidelity reward program allowing our leasers to earn OCL (Oceanlab tokens) as a bonus to reward their fidelity. How will it work? For each payout(twice a week), our leasers will receive an amount of OCL equal to 0.1 OCL per month on uninterrupted leasing. For example, someone who has been leasing with us for 2 months will earn 0.2 OCL for every payout from that month, when the third month starts, it’s 0.3, and so on, until cancellation of the lease.
Gravit fuel rewards: There are thousands of Gravit fuel transactions going out every day, processed by Fountainperpetua but also by a lot of other nodes. We always wanted to reward our leasers and all the processing nodes for their support towards the maintenance of our community services. That’s why we decided to reward every node with 0.001 OCL per processed transaction(regardless of the fee amount). For the transactions processed by fountainperpetua nodes, we’ll distribute 100% of these OCL to our leasers. This reward will be retroactive(Current transactions will be paid) and then, paid bi-weekly at the same time as our payouts.
Website update: New design, new infrastructure, new features (a new nodes data section is already available with a few of the many free stats and tools for nodes planned). Oceanlab is taking care of everything to create the best web experience around our full node.

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