What is a fullnode?
A fullnode is mainly a server used to process transactions on the Waves network. It allows the network to work in a decentralized way as these kind of servers are available all over the world to keep the network fast and secure, they work together to ensure consistency of the transactions.

What would be a real world comparison?
With LpoS(Leasing Proof of Stake) now activated on the network, you can compare it to a bank. You put money into the bank to generate profits, that's the same concept with full nodes.The more leases we get on the node, the better is our output, the network chooses our node over other ones. Having a well funded node allows us to get more blocks than others and thus generate more revenues.

How does leasing work practically?
In your liteclient, you click on the L shaped icon(leasing), you enter our node address (3PFrn8EHRhjJGEQxYwWKdJcwcsW1XFRJbmz) and the amount you want to lease, then click on the LEASE Button. Everything is done on your side. The blockchain will lock the amount in your wallet(funds never leave your wallet, you still have full control over them). You won't be able to spend or transfer them while they're leased but you can cancel the lease at any time.
Once the lease is registered on the blockchain(it's a simple transaction, probably one minute later), you need to wait 1000 blocks (approximately 20 hours) for them to start to generate blocks. That's when your lease starts to generate profit. If you wish to cancel, you can do it from the same section in the liteclient, cancellation will allow you to use the previously leased Waves after 1000 blocks.

Why would I choose you over other nodes?
As responsible node owners, we'd like to say that you can pick any node that suit your expectations. We propose these features:
- No fees, never.
- We support important community assets(Mercury, Bankcoin, Ripto Bux, WCT, Incent) by providing them with fast and efficient transactions.
- We support the community by giving away 50% of the owners (Wolfofwaves and Sphearis) rewards to a public faucet.
- We support the network by providing a decent alternative to other high volume nodes, ensuring a good repartition of funds all over the network.

What is a faucet and how does that work?
A faucet is a simple website where you input your Wallet address and click on a button to receive a small amount of Waves and tokens which are stored on it, people can claim that low amount every hour. It helps newcomers and other Waves users to become a part of the ecosystem, make their very first transactions and so on... It's mainly used as a community building tool but it can also be rewarding to the owner as most of the time it's maintained with the help of ad revenues.

How do you plan to give 50% of your rewards away to the faucet?
Our payout script automatically divides by two the amount of rewards that are sent to the 2 owners. You can check payouts in a block explorer as well as rewards on this website for these addresses: WolfofWaves(3PDRVUoXMXPKzXFAtcwPHgk1puYpisLSD25) and Sphearis(3PFjdyNXgnqyZCcEHsKintrewBAxJJVPUtw). The remaining share is distributed automatically by the faucet.

Can the faucet distribute the actual earnings?
No, the faucet is scripted and never go under the generated fees amount. Liquidity for payouts is insured.

What happens when there's not enough funds for the faucet?
The faucet will sometimes be empty when under heavy use. It'll simply stop working(usually with a common error message). We'll try to fill them occasionally with ad revenues and other kind of income.

Do I pay a fee to the node?
No fee is paid, you get 100% of your rewards and 100% of your MRT(Miner Reward Tokens).

What about transaction fees?
We don't make you pay the transaction fees either, we can have very cheap transactions quickly on the blockchain, tests are being conducted right now. In the meantime, first payout fees will be from our personal investment.

How many Waves are required?
You can lease any amount of Waves to our node. There's no minimum or maximum.

Are my funds transferred to you?
No. The funds stay on your wallet and are simply locked(you can't lease and spend them, to spend them you have to cancel the lease first).

Can we lease any token?
Token leasing is not available yet, but Oceanlab is working on a "leasing for all" solution which may be functional.

How much will I earn?
It depends a lot on the amount of transactions we process, you can see the realtime comparison in @pblck's http://dev.pywaves.org/generators/ page.

When will I get paid?
Actual schedule is two times per week (on Wednesday and Sunday), but we'll have a poll about the payout schedule available soon on the website to modify this factor according to the community desires.

Is there a minimum amount to earn before payment?
There is a very low minimum for transactions but a payment which has not been done is only postponed to the next one, your rewards are kept in the system and added everytime a payout is made, once you've reached the minimal amount, the payout will process. All this is being done automatically by our scripts.

What's best? To have one big lease or several small ones?
That doesn't matter. If you have a few leases going or a big one, rewards will be the same, all leases will be rewarded individually according to their amount.

Is the service reliable and 100% online?
Full nodes are at the moment very hard to manage, no one can guarantee full availability but everything is done to prevent forks and interruption of service. We've got at least 2 servers running the node constantly. If a node has a technical problems, we also have a system allowing a quick recovery(less than 5 minutes downtime). And in case of updates, we do them server by server to prevent any interruption of block generation.

Why are the stats behind/or the latest block generated from a few hours ago?
Fountain perpetua is based on the new Gravit engine by Oceanlab and this engine is still under development. While its accuracy is undeniable, the data updates are being optimized right now and sometimes delays occur due to some issues. That doesn't mean the node stopped generating.

What happens if Gravit is delayed when a payout has to be made?
We fix the issue to sync it with the blockchain(it's a very quick process) or we work with available data. Nothing is lost as the blocks not taken into account at the time of the snapshot will automatically be integrated in the next payout.

Who are you and Why are you doing this?
I'm Sphearis and I'm a motivated developer, I'm working on experiments and create services for the Waves community + I also work as contractor for individuals and companies using my developments on the Waves platform into their own projects. I'm currently working on the Gravit engine which will power many new creations around the Waves platform. Creating community tools as well as managing this full node allows me to test real life applications of that engine and its optimization. Providing the best tools to the community remains my main focus but I'm also creating extended commercial products around them.